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Corporate FAQ

Corporate FAQ2022-11-26T12:58:08+05:30


Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Gifts To Kolkata is a premium online service for sending gifts to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India from anywhere in the world and to get selected items related to Bengal when you are away from home. With thousands of items, multiple options and customized product lines, Gifts To Kolkata has been serving customers since 2001 with impeccable track record.

How much time do you need to process an order ?2022-11-26T13:21:07+05:30

48 hours from the time of credit card transaction and verification. It is advisable that you place the order atleast 3days ahead of your intended delivery date. Delivery schedule may be changed because of adverse weather conditions, city strikes or any other events beyond our control.

Can I specify multiple delivery address within a single order ?2022-11-26T13:17:52+05:30

No. Each order can have one and only one delivery address. Place different orders for different delivery address.

Is it necessary to provide recipient’s telephone number ?2022-11-26T13:17:46+05:30

We encourage you to give us the telephone number of the recipient. This will help us to verify the address in case it is found to be ambiguous or incomplete.

Can you cancel my order on your own ?2022-11-26T13:17:44+05:30

Yes. In the most unlikely event of product unavailability in the market or change of price by the time order is placed may force us to cancel your order and corresponding credit card transaction. You will be notified by an email.

What is your cancellation policy ?2022-11-26T13:17:38+05:30

Inform us 48 hours prior to delivery and we will make a full refund of your purchase price. If it is less than 48 hours, then send us an email requesting cancellation of your order.

How the purchase at will appear on my credit card statement ?2022-11-26T13:17:36+05:30

Please note that the charges on your credit card billing statement will appear from “Brandsoft Solutions USA”. if you use Authorizenet Credit Card payment method.

How many times you will attempt a delivery ?2022-11-26T13:13:33+05:30

If the first attempt of delivery fails, we will try a 2nd delivery within few hours for perishable gift items and for non-perishable gift items we will leave a note to the recipient to contact us with a suitable delivery date and time or arrange a pickup from our location. However we strongly encourage you to provide us an alternative delivery instruction.

Do you accept check as a form of payment ?2022-11-26T13:13:31+05:30

Yes. If you want to pay by check, please contact us at 1-949-916-2347 for further instruction.

Under what circumstances can my gift order items be substituted with other products ?2022-11-26T13:11:05+05:30

In general, we make every effort to deliver exact product specified in order. However, under some circumstances, it is almost impossible to procure such items due to seasonal nature, non availability of the product in the local market or it may not have been available on a specific day of the week. Under such constraints, we substitute perishable items with similar items from an alternate source. However non-perishable items are not substituted without your prior authorisation. For flower bouquets, we may substitute the color / flower due to it’s seasonal nature, however the bouquet style will not be altered. In case of a restaurant order, if an item is not available at your preferred restaurant, we will try to deliver the same item form an alternate restaurant.

How is the item delivered ?2022-11-26T13:10:29+05:30

All the perishable items like cake, flowers, sweets, chocolates etc. are hand delivered to the address. Non perishable items like toys etc. are shipped from Kolkata to the respective towns using renowned courier services or Indian Postal Service. Non perishable items, within Kolkata, Howrah,Hooghly and 24 Parganas are also hand delivered.

How do I know that the gift has been delivered ?2022-11-26T13:10:21+05:30

We generally update the status of the order within 48 hours of delivery and also you can check the status of your order in the My Account section at our site. We’ll also send you a confirmation by E-mail after the delivery .

Is my transaction at secured ?2022-11-26T13:10:15+05:30

Yes. Our shopping-cart software runs in Secure Mode on the customer’s browser, using 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card numbers. When you are ready to enter any sensitive data, our site url changes from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’ and a padlock appears at the status bar of the browser. If you click on the padlock, it will pop up a small window with the details of the SSL Certificate. All modern Web browsers supports the SSL standard.

Can I pay in indian rupees?2022-11-26T13:09:37+05:30

Yes, you may pay in Indian rupees. If you are using Credit Card, the it will converted appropriately at the time of the transaction. If you are mailing us a check, use the currency conversion rate applicable on the date of your cheque. You may obtain the conversion rate from OANDA Currency Converter Website.


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