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Combo Pack 008



Shopper Stop Gift Voucher & Mini Bhoj for 2 from Ballygunge place

1. Shopper Stop Gift Voucher: Rs.1000/- – Included

2. Mini Bhoj for 2 from ballygunge place

Each order is good for 2 persons. Mutton can not be delivered on Thursdays and we will replace mutton items with chicken for Thursday deliveries.
Create your own Menu by selecting the items below.
Upon selection, some of the options will change the price of the package.
Order must be placed atleast 4 days prior to the date of delivery All deliveries are restricted within Calcutta and 24 Parganas only

Choice of Rice
Plain Rice (saru Chaler Bhat)
Fried Rice

Choice of Bhaja
Jhuri Alu Bhaja
Begun Bhaja

Choice of Dal
Mug Dal Macher Matha Diye
Narkel Diye Cholar Dal
Sona Muger Dal
Bhaja Muger Dal
Musur Dal

Choice of Tarkari
Alur Dam
Pataler Dorma
Phulkopir Kopta
Phulkopir Dalna
Chanar Kopta
Muri Ghonto
Lau Chingri
Thor Paturi

Choice of Fish Item
Bhetki Macher Paturi
Sorse Illish
Illish Macher Paturi
Illish Bhape
Kalo Jire Diye Illish Macher Jhol
Pabda Macher Jhaal
Parse Macher Jhaal
Doi Rui
Pona Macher Kalia
Chingri Malaikari
Chitol Macher Peti
Chitol Macher Muitha
Bhetki Macher Kalia ( Alu Phul kopi Diye – when available)
Tel Koi

Choice of Meat Item
Kasha Manghso
Kasha Chicken
Mutton Korma
Mangshor Jhol

Choice of Chatni
Aamsatto Kejur Chatni
Tomato Chatni
Plastic Chatni


Choice of Dessert Item
Chanar Payesh
Misti doi
Raj Bhog


Additional information

Choice of Rice

Deradun Rice ( Saru Chaler Bhat ), Fried Rice

Choice of Chutney

Aamsatto Kejur Chatni, Plastic Chatni, Tomato Chatni

Choice of Bhaja

Alu Bhaja, Begun Bhaja

Choice of Dal

Bhaja Muger Dal, Mug Dal Macher Matha Diye, Musur Dal, Narkel Diye Cholar Dal, Sona Muger Dal

Choice of Meat Item

Kasha Chicken, Kosha Mangsho, Mangshor Jhol, Mutton Korma

Choice of Fish Item

Bhetki Macher Kalia, Bhetki Macher Paturi, Chingri Malaikari, Chitol Macher Muitha, Chitol Macher Peti, Doi Rui, Illish Bhape, Illish Macher Paturi, Kalo Jire Diye Illish Macher Jhol, Pabda Macher Jhaal, Parse Macher Jhaal, Pona Macher Kalia, Sorse Illish, Tel Koi

Choice of Tarkari

Alur Dam, Chanar Kopta, Lau Chingri, Muri Ghonto, Pataler Dorma, Phulkopir Dalna, Phulkopir Kopta, Posto, Shukto, Thor Paturi

Choice of Dessert Item 1

Chanar Payesh, Misti doi, Raj Bhog, Rasogolla, Sandesh

Gift Voucher Value

Rs. 1000

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